Our Farm Story - A brief history of Windswept and Irish Dexter Cattle

She has been a Pharmacist for 35 years. He has been an Addictions Counselor for 34 years. Together, we are the very proud owners of Windswept Farm Irish Dexters. How we went from three Irish Dexter cows to 32 Irish Dexters in two years says something about these gorgeous, docile and gentle natured animals... or we're just plain crazy. We're going with option one. 

When we began our journey with ADCA Irish Dexter Cattle, we bought one cow of each color, black, dun and red. As we began to research we  learned where we wanted to go, a direction for our herd. That decision was simple economics. We chose Irish Dexters with the highest market selling price. 

Unlike most cattle, unless sold strictly for  beef processing, the Irish Dexter Cattle market is set by color, genetics and phenotype. Dexters are rarely sold in your local sale barn due to their smaller size and extended growing time of 2 years to mature as beef cattle. We breed to achieve red, homozygous polled, A2A2 milk protein, Irish Dexter Cattle. 

Next year will be a major turning point for us in achieving a piece of our goal. Over half our cows will produce red, homozygous polled, A2A2 calves in 2019.

Our current herd sire is a red, homozygous polled, A2A2. Moosters Rawhide Romeo, out of Euchee Creeks Red Sonny.  Romeo began breeding at about 15 months, and proved to be prolific in breeding our open cows. Gentle, easy going, good natured, these are the attributes we hope to see him pass on to his progeny.

We also have a Euchee Creek bull calf we are watching very closely with much anticipation.  Euchee Creeks Red Ryder is red, homozygous polled, A2A2 as well. We are very excited and hopeful that he will continue the physical development course he's on. He's curious, friendly and easy going. We have plans for this boy. Possibly a second herd of Red Irish Dexter Cattle. 

We're very proud of our herd. It's taken time to buy, sell and breed to get us to this point. Its a great line-up of girls and boys.

If you want to have a look or farm tour give us a call!