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"What joy it is to raise these amazing Irish Dexters here in the Ozarks"

Ozark Farm Raised, Gourmet Irish Dexter Beef

Our Irish Dexter Beef Herd


Generally it requires two years to produce a mature Dexter steer. In the beef industry thats far too long. They do not consider Dexters to be economically viable. Fortunately none of that really matters to us. We prefer quality beef over big and fast. 

Our beef herd is comprised of all three Dexter colors, black, red and dun. Color has no bearing on beef quality concerning the three Ts of raising beef, 1.Taste  2. Texture and 3. Tenderness. 

Our steers are grass fed... for two years. Only when we begin the finishing process do they receive a daily ration of grain or feed along with their natural grazing. 

Dexter beef stands alone from other beef. It is naturally more tender. Not because it's loaded with unhealthy fat, which is the beef industry norm for making meat more tender. Rather, Dexters are a smaller animal. Smaller muscle and meat fiber means naturally tender. It also means enhanced flavor.

In a one of a kind blind taste test  conducted a few years ago something very notable  happened. The test  included ten different breeds of cattle. Chuck roast from each animal was prepared in exactly the same way, with zero seasoning of any kind. The beef would rise or fall on its own breed merit. Taste. Texture. Tenderness. In this test, Dexter received twice the number of votes as Angus. Imagine that! 2:1 over the most highly promoted beef in the industry. If that doesn't get your attention regarding the quality of Dexter beef, what will?

Once a steer is properly  finished, we use a USDA approved processor. Each piece is weighed, vacuum sealed and marked USDA inspected. Then it's ready to be sold.

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